Running a photography business or even getting into photography can be overwhelming. I was lucky enough to learn the basics in high school but not everyone takes those classes or are starting later in life and don't have that option. My photography teacher in high school was definitely my mentor when I first started off and it was nice to be able to learn and be critiqued in the process. I loved having that person when I was beginning my journey into photography and I want to be able to offer that to you! From customer service to knowing how to pose a couple - these mentor sessions are specifically customized to you and your needs! I want to come along side you and not only teach you what I have learned throughout my years of photography but to also encourage you and be a support system when things get hard! I speak from experience that it is easy to get down on yourself in a world of creatives but I want to be that person who speaks life in your life! 


Skype session - $100

During a weekday evening, we will schedule a live one-hour Skype or Facetime session. This will be Q&A format and you will be able to as any business and photography related topics of your choice!

In-Person Session - $200

We will meet in person at your favorite coffee shop or cafe and I will answer any business or photography related questions. This session will last about an hour and a half to two hours but do not feel like you have to cram everything in that amount of time. If we go over, that is totally okay! I want you to be able to relax, enjoy your time, and I would also love to get to know you/answer any questions you may have!

In-Person Session and Live Shoot - $350

This will include the session above plus a live shoot! You have preference whether you want it to be a live couple shoot or a model shoot. During this live shoot, I will lead for a little bit and show you just what I would do at a typical shoot and then you have a chance to take over for the rest of the time! When you are shooting, I will be coaching you through it as well as answer any questions you have in regards to positing, being creative, creating emotion, and any camera setting related questions. You may also use these images for your  portfolio/ social medias!

*These in-person mentor sessions are for Indianapolis, Indiana and Hamilton Co. areas. For other cities/states, please message me and we may be able to work something out around my travel schedule for an additional cost. 

*Ask about multiple session deals if you are interested in being mentored more than once

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